Tips and Tricks #5

Content Creation and Assemblage!

Not everyone starts off being as big as the #IceBucketChallenge, where their content ends up being delivered on a silver platter by the biggest names in pop culture when they contribute.  But we all have to start somewhere.  Imagine your audience.  And then imagine you sitting with your audience in a lecture.  Some people are highly focused and engaged. Others are fidgeting with their phones, doodling in their margins, checking the likes on their latest ‘grams.  You might be zoning in and out.

What could the lecturer possibly do to keep everyone engaged the entire time?  I mean the things that are outside the lecturers oration skills.

How much does what they have to say keep your focus?
How much of it is based on the words on their visual aids?
Is it how they break up their content with different features?

I know that the best lectures I’ve attended have been rich in visual content and don’t require much reading… which is why this blog will be short.

A combination of video, photos, infographics, words and style all come into play.  When all of these things are utilised, it’s impossible to not grab a wide ranging audience even if just for a moment.

Make some of it funny, and you’ve won!

Unsplash is my favourite site for free images in case you need a photographic boost to your content but aren’t as skilled as the guys who upload their work over there!