Tips and Tricks #1

Before we get into the tips and tricks today, I want to introduce you to a couple of health nuts.  Yes, it’s a terrible pun, but if you know anything about me wordplay keeps me going!

Introducing your slacktivated almonds!  These guys will appear at random through my posts.  Mostly for my benefit, no lie.  I love them.  Plus they’re all in slacktivewear!









Ok so… Tips and Tricks!

Identify the cause.

Once you know the issue you want to tackle, you then need to really get down to the core of it.  If you’re not sure you want to start something on your own, this is the part where you need to do a little research.  Literally I mean a little.  There are so many fantastically inspiring and wonderful do-gooders out there that you could type in some keywords on google and find a hundred pages and people trying to fix the same problem as you. I google searched domestic violence Australia and instantly found 1800Respect and Domestic Violence NSW.

I’d recommend this exercise just as one to restore your faith in humanity.  People want things to be better.  It’s as simple as that.

If you want to start your own movement, your ideas need to be concrete.  Specify, note, research, break apart, expand, drill down.  What are the symptoms of the problem?  Is it systemic?  Know it inside and out.  You can be thinking about this wherever you are.  We all have boring board meetings to attend to, bus and train rides to take, long chats on the phone with that friend who can’t seem to get her love life sorted no matter how good your advice is… There’s a MILLION moments in every day for you to be doing deep or surface level thinking.


Nail your objectives to the wall.  (LITERALLY… nails. I want nails.)

What is it that you’re setting out to do?  Do you want to change an attitude?  Do you want to change a behaviour?  Or are your goals more motivational?

It can be all three, it can be more.  But know what your aims are, and know how to talk about them.


Read this!

This above is a gold mine for the beginning innovator!  It is an easy read even though it’s academic!  Get used to using Your Slacktivity Feed for these sorts of articles!


Finally, research as much as possible.

I don’t mean plumb the depths of the academic archives of your local library, nor even stealing some uni-going friend’s login details for their institution’s online catalogue.  I mean that if you plan on being an activist online, all the stuff you need is all there.  In the ether, in front of you and surrounding you.  You’ll see this stuff in your news feed.  You’ll see this stuff in your conversations.  Because it is IMPORTANT, and it gets a lot of attention.  Research here means, where possible dive as deeply as you can, but where not as easy simply listen.  Listen online to the people you already know.  Listen online to the news media outlets you trust (question these often just by the way, they always have agendas).

Once you’ve listened, you’ll know the path of activism you want to take.


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